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  • The world of the late 80s/early 90s, which I refer to as The Neighties. It is a darkly fascinating micro-era all its own—defined by grungy music, heavy drug use, strange films & TV, long bleached surfer hair over dark roots, and general pop cultural dregs. (Including: David Lynch, The Butthole Surfers, River Phoenix, Tales from the Crypt, Patrick Swayze, “Ice Ice Baby,” mom jeans, Bill Hicks, 90210, Liquid Television, Pauly Shore, Unsolved Mysteries, Public Enemy, Desert Storm, etc.) It’s not the 80s, it’s not the 90s, it’s the neighties, baby.


  • The realms of UFOs, consciousness, psychedelics, alien abduction, otherworldy contact, and general high strangeness, realms I have been steeped in since I was 7 years old as the son of famed abduction hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith. The field of ufology has grown stale and stagnant. It requires a new generation to interject it with a multidisciplinary approach. I travel and attend several conferences every year and mingle with people across the metaphysical and paranormal spectrum who wish to solve a seemingly unsolvable Mystery… What haunts our skies? What visits us in the fog of dreamtime? What possibilities await us in the undiscovered vistas of our own psyches…?

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